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Take a Closer Look: Engineering

Pupils at Herongate School

To help address the need and skills shortage within the engineering sector, Gemini Rail Group has been supporting the Take a Closer Look: Engineering campaign throughout June, delivering a variety of activities in local schools. (

The key aims of the campaign are to spread awareness and educate pupils to:

  • understand what engineering is;
  • understand why engineering is relevant;
  • understand that everyone possesses a mix of skills and aptitudes demonstrated by engineers and;
  • understand that engineering offers a career path where you can combine what you enjoy with innovation and technology.

The sessions were delivered over a 4-day period to approximately 125 Year 5 pupils at Heronsgate Primary School in Milton Keynes by Ben Cox, Serena Shah and Sagar Shah, three of Gemini Rail Group’s Engineering Technical Apprentices and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) Ambassadors, supported by Neil Furniss and the GRG Training team. The day was immersed in engineering excellence, including fully interactive sessions exploring what engineering is, the skills engineers possess and the potential of future careers in engineering.

Over the 4 days, to fully engage the pupils, the team delivered fun-filled, interactive activities, games, tasks and competitions to encourage the students to learn more about engineering technology and develop soft skills. All the Heronsgate students engaged with Engineering Ambassadors and produced innovative and creative engineering solutions.

The sessions included:

  • ‘Who wants to be an Engineer?’ competition and team event;
  • ‘Super Skills’ team event;
  • ‘Helium Stick’ team event;
  • ‘Spot the Difference’;
  • ‘Tower Build’ team event.

We are delighted at the success of the event!

When the pupils were asked on day one, ‘Who in this room would like to be an Engineer?’ – only a handful of the students showed interest. However, the same question was asked at the end of the 4th day, and over 15-20 students per session were keen to learn more and potentially wanted to explore more of the engineering world! What a fantastic result!

“Pelicans class would like to say a big thank you for the wonderful demonstrations and games! We had an amazing morning!”

Julie Timmins, Teacher (Yr. 5) Heronsgate School

Gemini Rail Group would like to say a very big thank you to all members of staff and pupils at Heronsgate school and well done to the STEM Ambassadors who supported and delivered the Take a Closer Look: Engineering sessions.