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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is key to our strategy of incorporating social and environmental concerns into our business processes.

Gemini Rail Group is a company owned by Mutares AG, the company specialises in providing products and services to the UK Rail Industry. The products and services offered by Gemini Rail Group include the Maintenance and Overhaul to the UK Rolling Stock, Spares and Components and Technical Services including Engineering Design and Turnkey solutions. Gemini Rail Groups customers are generally the owners or the Operators of the UK Rolling Stock. The business has three facilities located in Glasgow, Milton Keynes and an office in Birmingham. Gemini Rail Groups suppliers range from Strategic Safety Critical suppliers (Tier 2) through to sub-component suppliers (Tier 3-4).

This means that we take the responsibility for our employees, our customers and our business partners but also for the environment and society in which we live and work.

For this reason sustainability is a central element in our corporate culture and strategy. The term “Corporate Responsibility” (CR) is key to our strategy of incorporating social and environmental concerns into our business processes. The economic, environmental and social factors are systematically factored in, we can both ensure the long-term success of our business and at the same time generate benefits for society.

The overarching aim of our commitment to CR is:

  • to identify at an early stage the opportunities and risks created by changes in the social and environmental framework in which we operate,
  • to fulfill customer expectations with regard to our corporate responsibilities,
  • to strengthen our business development and corporate culture,
  • to enhance the reputation and social acceptance of the company,
  • to contribute towards sustainable development of the economy, society and the environment.

Our key focus areas

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    Strategy and management

    We aim for sustainable value creation. By this we understand achieving long-term economic success while at the same time acting responsibly towards our employees and business partners as well as the environment and society.

    We are committed to sustainable corporate governance that includes environmental and social aspects in strategic planning, management and corporate processes.

    We act and work according to legal and ethical principles laid down in our Group-wide Code of Conduct.

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    Employees and governance

    We create an attractive working environment in which the principles of mutual trust, team-work, diversity and equality of opportunity as well as fair and respectful treatment of each other are recognized and practiced.

    We offer a safe and healthy working environment and enable our employees to develop their own individual potential.

    We conduct an ongoing dialogue with our managers on the subject of value-oriented, sustainable corporate governance.

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    Products and partners

    We consistently work on developing innovative products and solutions that combine a high degree of customer value with a contribution to sustainable development. Safety is always our overriding goal.

    We work closely with our customers and suppliers to jointly ensure continuous improvement of product quality and minimal undesirable impact on the environment and society.

    We take into account and support the activities of our business partners aimed at improving their environmental and social compatibility.

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    Environment and climate

    We accept our responsibility for ensuring a clean environment and protecting the climate and operate in compliance with our EHS Policy (Health, Safety and Environment).

    We have set ourselves the goal of handling resources in a responsible manner, consistently reducing CO2 emissions, minimizing and where possible avoiding undesirable impact on nature and the environment and actively using opportunities to protect the environment.

    We are concerned to optimize the environmental compatibility of our products across their entire life-cycle.

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    Commitment and society

    We encourage and support social involvement on the part of our employees.

    We see ourselves as partners for the regions in which we live and work, and we support their long-term development.

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    Communication and co-operation

    We seek constructive dialogue with our stakeholders and provide them with regular and transparent updates on our sustainability activities.

    We support social, educational and environmental projects and enter into partnerships with organizations that contribute towards sustainable development.

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