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The future is bright … The future is GemEco


GemEco.  A new and exciting sub brand of the Gemini Rail Group, a catchy title and even better logo! The logo came to life on a Sunday afternoon of brain storming and doodling. I would like to take all the credit for the design of the logo, however in reality it was probably 20% my design and 80% of my 11-year-old son, Zak’s idea.  A draft was then passed onto our creative partner, Hullabaloo, and the GemEco brand was truly born!

So, what does “environmentally friendly” really mean? On a single Google search there were multiple answers. The big question for us at Gemini Rail Group is what does it mean to us? For Gemini, it is about standing above the competition and helping our customers deliver rail vehicles which are more efficient, more leasable and also kinder to the environment, just in the small time GemEco has been launched there are multiple possibilities where we can assist our customers and the environment.

Over the last year we have seen an increase in demand from our customers to convert their older rail vehicles into more environmentally friendly trains.  The main driver for this is making electric trains, which may be displaced by new trains, work off the grid; this then displaces older diesel units. This may sound easy—it’s ‘just fitting batteries’; however, in reality, this is complex. Sadly, there is no ‘one solution fits all’ model.  Each route, each class of vehicle will require slightly different battery capacities.  The big challenge for us will be to develop as generic a solution as possible which can be transferred over to other vehicle classes. One thing is for sure and that is we definitely have the passion and commitment to push forward for a greener tomorrow..

The future is bright … the futrure is GemEco


(Article written by Ed Williams, Head of GemEco)