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TAWS reinstallation project is underway


Back in June this year, Gemini Rail Group (GRG) signed a contract with Abellio East Anglia Ltd (t/a Greater Anglia) to refit the Train Approach Warning System (TAWS) on their new Stadler class 755 EMU’s at their home train depot at Norwich Crown Point.

Gemini Rail originally installed the TAWS to the current 5 off Class 153 and 9 off Class 156 fleet on the then East Anglia franchise back in 2014.

A new fleet of Stadler Class 755 (3 and 4 car) trains are now due to enter operation on the GA franchise throughout 2019, replacing the existing old 1 and 2 car stock to improve accessibility, capacity, reliability and comfort.

The GRG scope of works is to include the dismantling of the TAWS equipment from the Class 153 and 156 trains, and the design, modification and installation works required to fit the TAWS to the 14 off new Stadler Class 755 trains utilising the GRG Remote Delivery team.

The engineering design work has started, and the project is expected to be completed in February 2020.