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Gemini RG & QSS Group – Old friends, new ideas

Ken Mee Photo

The Gemini Rail Services facility had a very familiar visitor last week, Ken Mee, Chairman of the QSS Group visited the Wolverton facility along with his colleague Dave Harris their Managing Director, Ken was interested in understanding whether Gemini and QSS could work together in the area of Quality, Risk Management and Health and Safety which was discussed at length and it was felt that opportunities do exist of mutual benefit.

Ken Mee was the Works Manager at Wolverton from 1986 to 1992 and will be remembered by many of the staff who were working at Wolverton at that time.

Adrian Marshall, Sales & Commercial Director and Ian Cox, Head of Bids hosted Ken and his colleague Dave, after some reminiscing about the past they all went for a tour of the Wolverton site meeting some of the employees on the way around. Ken commented on the changes to site since his last visit a number of years ago but was pleased to see the level of work being undertaken at his old stomping ground!