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Class 320 Refresh

Interior Refresh and Abellio Franchise Modifications


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The Scope of work entailed the design and execution of a full interior refresh: full interior and cab re-paint and floor renewal, CCTV system, at seat power system, LED lighting, new cycle storage area.

As with every project it was essential for GRS to ensure cost effective and timely mobilisation. In advance of the production phase, and following to design approval, the BOM had been identified and all materials ordered. Materials identified as Long Lead Items were ordered in advance of BOM completion to ensure there was no delay in the production phase. A selected set of sub-suppliers were utilised to ensure an excellent level of quality and delivery.

For GRS, Class 320 Refresh represents a best-in-class example of learning through the lessons-learned process. As per industry-wide practice, an extended throughput time was allocated on the first three units. Moreover, Unit 2 was delivered 5 working days ahead of schedule, thanks to the lessons-learned reviews carried out to understand and promptly correct the problems that are naturally expected at the beginning of a project of that scale.

Furthermore, in order to capture learning, continuous feedback to the shop floor staff has been provided. Toolbox talks and “buddy system” (each worker checks one of their peers’ work) on critical tasks have been included, supported by the feedback of the project engineer to clarify any technical issues.

On the Class 320 Refresh, staff competency is constantly monitored according to corporate standards, ensuring each task is carried out by members of staff having the required level of competency. Strict control on this aspect of the Class 320 Refresh project has led to a consistent delivery of high-quality units.

Finally, Eversholt carry out an output inspection on every unit, resulting on a consistently decreasing number of snags highlighted on output through the project. Feedback received from Eversholt and ScotRail has confirmed that the project, albeit quite invasive in scope, has not had any detrimental impact on fleet performance and has delivered a greatly enhanced customer experience.


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