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Our Ethos

The characteristic spirit of the Gemini culture

The Gemini Ethos

At the heart of our business are our people and the following quotes resonate with the way we at Gemini want to run our business...

"It's actually quite a good ethos for life: go into the unknown with truth, commitment, and openness and mostly you'll be okay.”

Alan Cumming


"What it really is and what I now have experienced is that, people who take enormous pride in what they're doing - not in their person - that their work ethos is as high as nowhere else. That they love their jobs, they love to do their jobs properly as best they can. And coupled with the financial umph, you know, you get decent results.”

Christoph Waltz

We have five clear values that are the life blood of our culture:

  • Reliable_Trustworthy

    Be reliable & trustworthy

    • Model personal ownership
    • Demonstrate honesty & integrity at all times
    • Be dedicated
    • Get a reputation for delivering your commitments
  • Collaborate


    • Be approachable, respectful & empathetic
    • Listen & have an open mind
    • Ask questions
    • Collaborate and achieve through team work
  • Passionate_commitment

    Demonstrate passionate commitment

    • Have a positive ‘can do’ attitude
    • Stay engaged
    • Go the extra mile
    • Face challenge with optimism
  • Demonstrate_Competence

    Demonstrate competence

    • Work smartly
    • Be proactive, flexible and embrace change
    • Become a subject expert
    • Be bold, innovative and constantly improve
  • Professional_Partner

    Be a great professional partner

    • Look and carry yourself like a professional
    • Role model a strong work ethic
    • Set yourself high standards
    • Be loyal and committed

We believe that living these values within our culture leads to an open, honest and respectful relationship with both internal and external stakeholders.

The benefits of this lead to long term partnerships that flourish. We want our People, Customers, Suppliers and Partners to be with us for a long time, and to make sure that collectively we find the right way of working together to support tomorrow's railway needs.



You can speak to us any way you like...

We don't mind how you get in touch - we just want to make sure you reach the right person when you do!


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